Manual Metal Can Opener
Manual Metal Can Opener
Manual Metal Can Opener

Manual Metal Can Opener

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Type: Openers
Openers Type: Can Openers
Brand Name: LemonBest
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Model Number: 20.6*6.3*4.2cm
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Item Color: Black Red

Portable and Light Weight: 
Appropriate size makes this opener easy to carry when you are traveling or camping,
it can open all kinds of round and oval cans. It is also convenient for you to hang or
storage it with the hole on the handle.
Easy to Clean: 
New design, cut lid in sideways. The cutting blade will not touch the food and the lid
can be put back into the can without falling into the food, which ensures the food is clean.
When clean the opener, you just need to rinse it under running tap water.
How to Use:
1. Place at the edge of can.
2. Turn knob forward to cut around the can.
3. Turn knob backwards to easily lift lid.
4. The lid will not fall into the can and is smooth without any sharp edges.